Body Pain is Everywhere

95% of the global population suffer from regular physical pain1

56% experience body pain at least once a week and for significant periods of time1

How Does Pain Affect You &
Your Loved Ones?


Lower ability to interact with others

Skipping a family activity altogether

Impacting one’s ability to enjoy quality time with family

Loss of interest
for group outings and events

Like it or not, body pain and muscle aches have become part and parcel of our lives, whether we are physically active or otherwise.

But we can turn the pain into strength with the help of Counterpain, formulated to provide effective relief on muscular and joint pain. So we can continue to keep our focus on what matters in our life – be it juggling time for our families, meeting our career goal or pursuing our lifelong passion.

Effective Pain Relief. Anytime, Anywhere.

1. GSK Global Pain Index 2017

Product Range

Analgesic Balm

Cool Gel

Patch & Patch Hot

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